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Video: Exterior Auto Detailing Service

Exterior Auto Detailing Service

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho. I’m here to talk to you today about our exterior detailing services.
With our exterior detail package, what we’re focusing on is long-term protection, and so there’s not really any vehicle that we exclude from the service. Whether you have an old classic car, maybe you have a car that hasn’t had some love in a while and the paint might be not looking optimal, or if you have a new car.
And what we do to start out your exterior detail, is we’re going to give it a hand wash. And so, we use a boars hair brush, which is going to make sure that you’re not getting swirl marks or any other agitation in your paint, that’s going to cause any kind of discoloration or any other marks in your paint. We also use spotless free water, which is important.
If you’re using irrigation water, or if you’re using hard water, it can affect the turnout and the results of a good car wash. A lot of times with automatic car washes, and if that’s something that you frequently do, or if you try to wash your car with just a garden hose, chances are that you’re going to be leaving some really harsh chemicals and other minerals and deposits on your paint, which can really affect it over the length of the time you have your car. So, we use spotless free water, and then we also make sure that we’re using high-quality products to wash the vehicle, in the shampoos that we select to clean your car.
And the next thing we do after we’ve washed your car, is that we’re going to use a clay bar treatment. These have been around for a long time. It’s really important for your car. What this does, is this preps the vehicles surface, by getting any kind of minerals and other contaminants that are in your paint. And a lot of times you can’t even see it, but this is what you need to do in order to properly polish your vehicle and prepare it for that final stage of applying a sealant and wax.
So, we use a clay bar treatment and go around the entire vehicle surface. This is going to get any kind of invisible things that you can’t see embedded in your paint. It also gets rid of things like tree sap and bugs that have kind of piled up on your front grille and on your mirrors. All those places that are pretty common for bugs and other contaminants to get on your paint. We make sure that those are removed by using that clay bar.
Once the vehicle’s been treated with our clay bar treatment, with our exterior service, the first thing that we do, is we’re going to polish the entire vehicle. This stage is important because this is going to prepare your vehicle for that last stage of sealant and wax. This process, is what’s going to be removing your paint from any kind of defects & swirl marks. A lot of times, especially on darker colored vehicles such as black or dark blue or red, you can really start to see those holograms and those marks in your paint.
When we use our polish on the outside of that, it’s going to eliminate really 90 to 100% of those marks, it’ll get rid of those and really make your vehicle pop again. If you have any kind of oxidation on your paint, if your paint is starting to look cloudy or faded, a lot of times you can see this on older vehicles, that polish is really going to bring back that coloration & make your vehicles paint shine again.
Once that is done, we’re going to apply our sealant and wax products. We use a hybrid product that provides up to six months protection.
So, we focus on our sealant product that’s going to bond to your paint really well, and protect your paint going into winter, and then also through those long hot summer months. Once your vehicles been provided that sealant and wax treatment, we go around the entire vehicle, and any kind of plastics such as your running boards, the front grille, the trim around your windows as well as your mirrors, we’re going to put protectant on there as well.
It’s a UV protectant that brings back that shine. We provide that protectant and really make your vehicle look new again.
And then lastly, we focus on your tires and rims. We’re going to make sure that they are glossed up and shined for you, looking really nice. Also keeps your tires protected. So, when your tires don’t receive that protectant, a lot of times it can start to crack and peel and can actually affect the performance of your tires if you don’t have that protectant on there.
And then the very last thing, is we’re going to make sure your glass is looking clean & make sure any bugs are off of it. Feel free to just give us a call or book online.

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