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Video: Exterior Boat Detailing Service

Exterior Boat Detailing Service

Hey, guys. Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho, here to talk to you about our exterior boat detailing service. What this detail includes is a complete wash of the outside, so whether you have an aluminum body frame, such as maybe a pontoon boat, if you have a a ski boat with a gel coating, or maybe you have a bass fishing boat with an aluminum body, we treat all those the same in terms of our process. So the entire outside would get a wash, and then we follow that up with a polish. So if you have a gel coat and you have maybe some light swirl marks, or you can start to see some water spots on the outside, we’ll make sure that those are taken care of with our waterless wash system and our polishing service. And then if you have aluminum sides, or if you have a pontoon boat, we treat that aluminum by polishing it, getting rid of the water spots, soap scum, etc, make sure that those are shined and properly protected.

And then the last thing that we do after we’ve completely polished everything and washed everything, is we add a protectant of wax and sealant. This is going to protect the outside of your boat for up to six months. It’s really important that you add that on there because, as you know, with water, if it sat on the outside of your boat for any length of time, it can really start to eat away at your gel coat, it can cause really unsightly water spots on the outside of the aluminum. So it’s really important that those are removed and taken care of, and that we add the protectant on afterwards. We also, with this service, we take care of your boat trailer. So whether that be on … we’ve seen all kinds of different trailers, it really doesn’t matter. We wash that as well. If you have water spots on the trailer, we’re going to make sure that those are taken care of. And then also, your tires are glossed and shined properly.

So if you need your boat detailed, whether it be a pontoon, a ski boat, or just a little puddle jumper, it really doesn’t matter, we’d love to take care of it. Please give us a call or book online.

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