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How to Clean Car Exterior: Easy Decontamination Process

How to Clean A Car Exterior

Today, I want to show you our decontamination process for a car exterior in Boise, Idaho.

Initial Rinsing and Pressure Washing

After initially rinsing the vehicle, we begin with pressure washing. We’re working on a Chevy Silverado today. We’ve only pressure-washed the car to remove initial dust and debris.

Using Adam's Polishes Iron Remover

The second step in our decontamination process uses a product like Adam’s Polishes Iron Remover. This product removes water spots, mineral buildup, and white calcium deposits.

In Idaho, highway debris often affects vehicle paint. The paint can become rough, visible, and tactilely noticeable. This product is the first step before applying a clay bar, sealant, and wax. It’s a crucial step.

Diluting and Applying the Product

I usually dilute the product two to one, half water, half chemical. I apply it liberally, misting it onto the vehicle. It’s safe for glass and effectively removes rough spots. I apply an even coat to the entire panel and let it set for about two minutes.

Do not let it dry on your vehicle, especially in hot weather. It will build up and be difficult to wash off. After two minutes, rinse it off with a pressure washer. Watch our other videos for the next steps.

Final Steps

Afterward, wash the vehicle and clay it as the final step before drying it and applying sealant and wax. This is a quick demonstration of our process for decontaminating your paint before waxing and polishing your vehicle.

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