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How to Remove Gum from the Interior Carpet of Your Vehicle

Removing Gum from the Carpet in a 1999 Dodge Durango

Hey guys, Brian with Limelight detailing in Boise, Idaho. Today, I want to show you how we get gum out of the carpet. It’s not very often that we run into it, but of course it is a car and sometimes people get gum left on their shoes or whatever, and it ends up on their carpet. So, we’re actually working on an older vehicle today. This is a 1999 Dodge Durango, pretty old car, we’re talking 22 years old, but it’s actually in pretty good shape. But we’re dealing with a little bit of gum on the carpet.

Using Steam Cleaner to Remove Gum from Car Carpet

If you take a look right here, it’s been in here for a little while, you can tell. If you’ve watched some of our other videos, you’ve seen some applications with steam and how we clean the inside of a vehicle. We’re going to do another demonstration of how awesome steam cleaning is on the inside of your car. There’s a lot of different popular methods. One of the most popular ways is using chemicals and trying to rub on the gum and trying to dissolve it that way. 

I personally use heat and think it actually gets it out of the carpet rather than dissolving it. One thing that you can run into when you’re trying to use a chemical, such as Goof Off, or some people have even tried nail polish remover, that can be really dangerous on staining your carpet. So, what I love about steam is that you’re applying heat and pressure, but you’re doing it naturally and you’re not leaving behind any nasty odors. You’re not running the chance of bleaching or changing the color of your carpet.

How to Protect Yourself & the Carpet from Being Burned

One thing you want to do, so you don’t burn a hole in your carpet, when you’re using steam and I’m using a DUPRAY steam cleaner with 120 PSI, 345 degrees of heat. It’s a lot of heat. It’s a lot of pressure to be dealing with, so you want to be careful not to burn yourself and not ruin your carpet. I always try to create a little barrier in between the carpet, the actual surface I’m working on and the steam cleaner bristles themselves.

How to Remove Gum Out of the Interior Vehicle Carpet

If you look at the gum, you can tell that it’s been worked into the carpet a little bit, so I’m going to show you how I like to remove gum out of the carpet. I’m going to fold the microfiber towel. You can either do fourths like you would a towel or in half. I just apply heat. Midway through we’ll check and see our progress. You can tell it’s already gotten quite a bit. What I love about this particular steam cleaner use is that it also has a soap detergent injector. I’m going to spray it with a little bit of detergent. That’s just going to break it up a little bit more. Then I wipe it away and there you go.

Do You Need Your Vehicle Carpet Cleaned in Boise?

That’s how I like to clean gum out of carpets. If you’ve got any nasty stuff spilled on your carpet, we’d love to clean it out for you. This process could be included in all of our interior detailing packages, as well as our classic detail, our mini detail and our limelight detail. If you haven’t booked an appointment with us today, we would love the opportunity to clean your car. Give us a call at 208-391-3455 or check out our website.

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