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Frequently Asked Questions

How far are you willing to travel for a detail? What is your normal service area?

Our normal service areas are Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell, Middleton, Star, Eagle, Emmet and Kuna Idaho. Any area city outside of our normal service area is charged a round-trip mileage fee of $.58 per mile. We are willing to travel to just about anywhere in the greater Treasure Valley. 

I just bought a new car, does it need detailed?

Yes! Vehicles come from the factory shiny and new, but nothing is protected. The dealerships will charge a premium for the same services that we can offer at a fraction of the cost. 

What makes your cleaning process different?

We focus on sanitation and actually removing the problem, instead of just masking it. We sanitize the entire vehicle interior by using steam instead of synthetic solvent-based cleaners that can actually damage your interior surfaces and can be harmful to your health. We also incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into our carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as odor removal process in order to safely and effectively make your vehicle interior look and feel new. 

What is ozone treatment?

 In order to permanently remove a foul odor, you must kill the actual bacteria that is causing the odor. After thoroughly cleaning and steam-sanitizing the interior, an ozone generator is used to blow ozone into all of the cracks, crevices, and small compartments of your vehicle to effectively eliminate the problem. Ozone kills bacteria on a molecular level by removing the oxygen in any given space, thus no longer allowing bacteria to grow. 

How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

We recommend our Limelight Package if you have never had your vehicle detailed or it’s been over 6 months since having it professionally detailed. Once serviced, it is suggested to have a new sealant/wax added to the paint every 3-6 months. The interior, of course, can be detailed at the owner’s preference.

What is a paint sealant?

In short, paint sealants are synthetic-based products that are created to mimic the shine of a traditional wax, but provide much longer protection. We use a hybrid product that is a paint sealant, but also has carnauba wax added in so that you receive the last protection of a sealant but also enjoy the gloss and shine of a wax. 

Does your stain-guard actually work?

Although it’s impossible to prevent every stain and spill, our stain guard additive helps repel most liquids such as coffee, soda, and milk-based products off of your carpet and upholstery. So when accidents do happen, you can manage the spill without the area immediately being stained.

Why do you have to remove pet hair?

 In order to achieve the highest results, we must first remove pet hair from your interior before we complete the rest of our interior service. If we don’t remove the pet hair, our machines can be damaged, surfaces are not properly cleaned, and it leaves your vehicle looking incomplete.

Do you detail Boats?

No we do not.

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