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How to Apply Wax on a Painted RV

How to Apply Wax on an RV

Hey guys, we have a job here in Boise, Idaho. We’re working on a beautiful Tiffin Allegro Red, and I want to show you how to apply wax to the outside of a painted RV. This paint is very similar to Newmar, Prevost, and other higher-end RVs with painted surfaces. Thus, the process is the same.

I’m going over a few things: the tools we use, the type of pad I like, and the wax product.

Makita Cordless Buffer

I am working with a Makita Cordless Buffer. This is the machine we use. How are you applying the wax? What type of machine are you using? What kind of tools are involved? This is it.

This Makita Buffer is a cordless dual-action/orbital buffer. You can use it both ways. Typically, when I’m applying wax, I use what’s called a free-spin setting. This particular polisher has two separate settings. The free-spin setting will be more for applying wax and spreading material, like what we’re doing today.

Secondly, it has a lock setting, which is more of a forced drive setting. We used it when trying to do full paint correction and remove deep scratches and swirl marks within the paint.

Today, the RV we’re working on is in great condition. It doesn’t have many swirl marks, but it has been on a long road trip.

RV Waxing Considerations

We wash RVs before applying wax on the outside before detailing them. You can see I just removed some to show this demonstration, but we’re going to rewax this area where there is no wax on it.

The first thing I typically like to use is a wool pad. Microfiber is fine. I usually stay away from foam because it tends to be very soft. It’s perfect for applying the product, but not when trying to remove some minor swirl marks and correct paint. It doesn’t agitate enough.

Teflon Wax

We also use Teflon, a synthetic sealant and wax — a phenomenal product. It’s excellent for removing swirl marks and leaves a great coat of protection lasting about six months.

Since it’s a liquid, I like to shake it up nicely. And when I’m applying wax, I just do one of those numbers on it — enough to spread the product on.


I have the Makita buffer on free spin mode, and I’m trying to keep the speed at about 80%. This particular buffer has a radial gear setting from one to five. I typically work in the four range or maybe three and a half even.

I will blot the wax where I’m working and buff it in. Then, we’re going to spread it. That’s a quick demonstration of how we spread the product. You can see that it’s still wet. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to dwell correctly and set up.

We prefer to remove it by hand because it has the best finish. It doesn’t leave any residue behind; you’re just left with a nice sparkling finish.

Need Help with Auto Detailing?

The process you saw today is part of our washing and waxing services for RVs. If you want to book an appointment, call us at 208-391-3455. Have an amazing day!

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