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How to Remove Stickers on a Car Window Using a Steam Cleaner

How to Remove Stickers on a Car Window Using a Steam Cleaner

Hey everyone, Brian here from Limelight Detailing in Boise, Idaho. Today, I’m excited to share how to remove stickers on a car window, such as the rear window or windshield.

The Process

In removing stickers on a car, we utilize a steam cleaner equipped with a chisel tip, which effectively mimics the action of a razor blade – a standard tool many attempts to use for this task. However, I think the steam cleaner with the chisel tip is a superior choice.

Our primary goal in learning how to remove stickers on a car window is to melt the sticker’s adhesive. Doing so would allow us to peel it off smoothly and in one piece. Avoiding rapid back-and-forth movements that could potentially scratch the glass is crucial.

As I demonstrated in the video above, once the main body of the sticker is removed, there’s often some residue left behind. To tackle this, I switch to a more abrasive tip, specifically a plastic-tipped brush.

Special Note

It’s important to note that metal or brass brushes are a no-go, as they can damage the glass. To create adequate friction between the brush bristles and the glass, I cover the area with a microfiber towel and gently work back and forth over the residue.

Need Help with Car Detailing?

Feel free to reach out if you need help with unwanted stickers on your vehicle and need professional assistance. We’re here to provide your mobile auto detailing needs. Contact us at 208-391-3455 for more information or book now.

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