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How to Wash & Wax an RV

Common Questions on Washing & Waxing RV’S

Hey, everybody, Brian with Limelight Detailing in Boise, Idaho. Today I’m going to do a quick demonstration of how we wash and wax an RV. We’re working on an Arctic Fox travel trailer, this is a 2019 so pretty much brand new fiberglass, it’s in great condition. We’re doing our wash and wax service on it. We get a lot of questions about:

  • How do we apply wax?
  • What products do we use?
  • Do we use spray wax?
  • Do we use hand wax?
  • Do we use paste wax?
  • How do we apply products to the surface of RV’s?

Those are all fairly common questions so today I wanted to show you what we use and how we apply it.

How to Wax an RV in Boise, Idaho

We’ve already washed this RV, so I’m not going to show you how to do that today, but I will show you how we apply wax to the surface of your RV. What I use is a Makita cordless buffer, and you’ve seen in some of my other videos the different speeds that we use. When we’re simply applying wax to a surface, whether it’s a gel coat or an RV, or vehicle, we never work above about 2000 to 2,500 RPMs. This particular buffer has what’s called a free spin mode. Simply means that it’s rotating singularly in one direction and it’s mimicking the motion of your hand. It’s a very low speed setting.

Concerns About Buffer Wax | Why It’s Safe

We have a lot of concerns about if we use a buffer to apply wax such as:

  • Is that going to cause swirl marks?
  • Is it going to burn your paint?
  • Is it going to damage your fiberglass?

We get those questions all the time, and I can tell you that we’ve done hundreds of vehicles or RVs like this, and the buffer wax is the:

  • Safest
  • Quickest
  • Most Economical

Way to apply wax to your vehicle. It’s extremely safe, it’s not going to hurt anything.

Product Limelight Detailing Uses to Wax

The product that we’re using today is Chemical Guys Top Coat. This is a sealant and carnauba wax hybrid. What I love about it is that it applies very easily. It has wonderful protection, but then it also has gloss enhancers in it with carnauba wax which causes it to really shine.

How Limelight Detailing Applies Wax

When washing and waxing RV’s or other autos Limelight Detailing follows the steps below.

  1. Apply Wax to the Pad — Simply put a little blob.
  2. Spread the wax around the pad in a nice even layer.
  3. Apply Wax to the Auto — When we’re working with large surfaces like an RV, it doesn’t have to be precise. Work in two – three foot sections.
  4. Set Buffer to 2,500 RPM’s
  5. Spread wax around nice and evenly.
  6. Continue the steps above until completed.

How Long Does it Take to Wax Coat an RV?

This is a three-foot by four-foot section, kind of a rectangle, but this travel trailer, we’ll be able to coat pretty quickly. As you can see it’s a quick way to apply wax. For something like this, depending on the temperature outside, it’s 65 degrees out right now,  will take about 20 minutes to dry and adhere to the RV, and bond with the fiberglass.

How Much Does it Cost to Wax an RV in Boise?

That’s a little demonstration about how we wax an RV, what products that we use, and how we do it. If you’d like to get this done to your RV, camp trailer, or class A diesel pusher, any kind of RV, we would love to do that for you. As far as costs, we get that a lot. The cost is $10 per linear foot. For example, if you have a 30 foot RV, it’d be $300. If this is something you need done, give us a call today or you can book an appointment on our website.

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