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Chemical Guys Top Coat for Cars, Trucks, Boats and RV’s

Chemical Guys Top Coat will Protect Your Exterior Paint

We Clean Dirty Cars, Trucks & RV's

Details on Chemical Guys Top Coat | Mobile Auto Detailing

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho. And today I just want to share with you a little bit about the different products that we use when we are detailing the outside of your vehicle.

We often get asked what kind of products are we using, if there’s a specific manufacturer that we like to work with. Basically, what are the products that we’re using to make your car look its best.

We have chosen to go with a company called Chemical Guys. You can find a lot of their products online. They also sell in a lot of different retail stores. We’ve personally used hundreds of different products in the past and have really settled on Chemical Guys as being our primary line. We use them almost exclusively for all of our exterior and some of our interior detailing products.

How does Chemical Guys Top Coat work?

What I have here is Chemical Guys Top Coat. And what this is is this is the wax and sealant that we use. It’s a combination product of a sealant, and it’s also got carnauba wax in it. So you’re gonna get the protection, the long-lasting protection of a sealant, but you’re also gonna get the pop and shine of a carnauba wax, which is why we really like this product.

How long does Chemical Guys Top Coat last?

It lasts for about three months if it’s properly applied and the vehicle’s been cleaned, the outside of the vehicle’s been cleaned. So this product is used in our exterior package as well as our classic detail package.

What is Chemical Guys Top Coat Used For?

So this is really used as a maintenance package in between after you’ve had your vehicle serviced with our Limelight package. This is gonna be that, kinda that in between maintenance stage that we like to apply this. So it’s an awesome product. It’s really gonna give your paint about three to six months’ worth of protection. And then it’s gonna really also make the paint really pop and shine.

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