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Clay Bar Treatment Demonstration | Auto Detailing

Clay Bar Treatment | Auto Detailing

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Clay Bar Treatment | Mobile Auto Detailing

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight detailing in Nampa, Idaho. And today I want to do a quick demonstration of a Clay Bar Treatment. What a Clay Bar Treatment is, It’s a process to completely clean and decontaminate your paint.

So what this does is, it gets rid of any kind of contaminants that are built up into your paint, and it prepares the surface for a really nice polish and sealant or wax, whatever you’re applying to the vehicle.

What Do You Use for the Clay Bar Treatment?

This is kind of the second part of our decontamination process. After we’ve completely washed the vehicle, we then take a Clay Bar, and completely clean the outside, so we can get ready for polish or wax. Traditionally, a Clay Bar is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a piece of clay and it kind of looks like a piece of soap.

What we use here, is an alternative, and this is something a lot of detailers have switched over to. And this is just called a Clay Bar Mitt. So what we do is you just simply put it on your hand like this. It’s kind of like a nice little puppet glove, and this is what cleans the outside of your paint.

How Does a Clay Bar Treatment Work?

So I’m working on a GMC Yukon today. And we’ve washed the vehicle, so what we’re doing now, is we’re gonna use a Waterless Wash. You can buy a specific one. There are several different types of things you can use in tandem with a Clay Bar Mitt. What I like to use is a… This is a Waterless Wash, and it also works as a really good clay lubricant. So after we’ve completely washed the car, our second step is to use the Clay Bar Mitt.

And if you look at the paint, you can see a couple little things in the paint that doesn’t quite come off with a traditional wash. And that’s what we’re going to do, is get these things off by rubbing the surface with the Clay Mitt.

So what I typically like to do is just spray the surface and get a nice mist. And then a couple of these areas. We’re just gonna work, and basically just scrub it in and exfoliate the paint. So I’m just trying to get all these types of little nicks and things removed. And as you can see, we’ve already washed this vehicle.

Why Would You Want a Clay Bar Treatment?

There’s a bunch of… This water here is actually pretty dirty. So just washing your car, like at a wash, or even by hand, is gonna help a lot, but it’s really not truly cleaning your paint. And that’s what this Clay Bar does. So we’re going to get rid of all of this dirty water. And just dry it off with a nice microfiber towel. And so now the surface is really ready for the next step, which would either be a compound or a polish. And then followed up by a good sealant or wax.

So if you need the outside of your vehicle done, with either our Exterior package, or Classic Detail, or Limelight package you can book now or give us a call.

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