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Video: Interior Auto Detailing Service

Interior Auto Detailing Services

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho, here to just talk to you about our interior detailing service.

What we do with interior detailing, is we really focus on interior sanitation. So, we accomplish this by starting out by vacuuming your entire vehicle. So, we’re going to start by getting all those hard to reach areas like in between your seats, your glove box, the center console, the trunk space, all of those places that you may not get very often.

So, we focus on getting debris off your floor. If you have pet hair, that is something that we do charge a little bit extra for that, but that is something that we can take care of. We remove all of those different things that can get piled up on your carpet in those hard to reach areas.

The next thing that we do, is we shoot the entire vehicle with compressed air. So, all those hard to reach areas, once again, we take compressed air and get all of the different dirt and debris out of those areas. We specifically focus on shooting compressed air into your vents, so your entire ventilation system is going to get blown out to get any kind of debris, dust, and other bacteria that might be down there. This really helps with reducing odor in your vehicle, but it also prevents future build-up of bacteria and dirt from causing future problems later.

And then the next thing that we focus on, is the actual steam cleaning process. And this process is really important because this is what actually takes care of the entire vehicle, in terms of cleaning it and sanitizing it. So, instead of just wiping down the vehicle with the basic cleaner or household cleaner, what we really like to do is sanitize the vehicle, we get into all those hard to reach areas, in every surface of the inside including your headliner, all of the different door jams, as well as the seats. Everything is going to get steam cleaned and nice, clean and sanitized for you.

The next thing that we do after everything has been cleaned and sanitized, is we put a UV protectant on all of the inside of the vehicle. This is going to go on your door panels, your dashboard, as well as any other areas that are hard plastic or vinyl surface. If you have vinyl seats, or if you have a surface that’s not leather, we would put that on the outside of that material.

The reason why we do that is that it protects your vehicle from UV. So, as you know, as your vehicle sits in the sun, and as the weather changes both extreme hots and extreme colds, that can really cause some wear and tear on your vehicle’s interior. So, the UV protectant is really going to keep your plastics looking fresh and sharp, and then also prevents them from cracking and fading over time.
If you have leather on the inside of your vehicle, we like to focus on cleaning that, and then steam cleaning it. What that really does is, sometimes the leather can get really hard and crispy, and the steam cleaning process that we use on that is really going to restore that vibrant, lush feeling that everybody likes with leather.

And then the last thing that we focus on, is we’re going to get the inside of your glass all nice and clean. If you have stickers on your windows, if you have any kind of paw prints or hand prints that can build-up, we’re going to make sure that that’s taken care of for you.

The last thing that we want to focus on, this is an additional service to our interior services, what we do is if you have any kind of severe odor, so, if you have cigarette smoke, if you have leftover smells from pets, or any other food, or bacteria, that’s caused a lingering odor in your car, we do offer our ozone treatment. What this does is kills any bacteria or leftover smell. If you’re having a hard time just living on the inside of your car, or driving it, and you have that smell that just will not go away.

This is something we do in conjunction to our interior service. So, once everything has been steam cleaned, and sanitized, and wiped down, and taken care of properly, we run our ozone machine through there for about two to four hours and that’s going to kill any lingering odor that’s on the inside of your car.

So, that’s just a little overview of what we do on the inside of your car for our interior detailed service, some of the extra services that we offer. If any of these sound interesting to you, we’d love to take care of your car. Feel free to just give us a call or book online.

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