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How to Remove Water Spots Using a Norwex Towel

Using Norwex Microfiber Towels to Clean Your Windows in 2 Easy Steps

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing in beautiful Boise, Idaho. Today I want to show you a little bit about cleaning windshields, side mirrors, and all kinds of glass on a vehicle. You’ve seen some of our other videos where I demonstrated how to remove water spots. I’ve got a quick demo for some awesome Norwex microfiber towels.

Norwex Towel Uses

These are great for cleaning interior and exterior windows on:

Two Towel System Benefits

Traditionally we use a clean microfiber towel and a window cleaner such as Maguire’s all-purpose window cleaner, or something that is ammonia free to avoid harming any tinting that may exist, but these Norwex towels are awesome and do not need any chemical assistance.
Norwex produces all sorts of rags that can clean all kinds of interior surfaces for your home as well as your vehicle, but today I want to showcase the glass cleaning towels. They allow a simple process and when new, they even come damp and ready to use right out of the packaging.

Step 1: Dampen Norwex Microfiber Towel

The best time to perform a window cleaning is usually when it’s a bit warmer, particularly the glass itself. In this first step I soak a microfiber towel in just enough water to simply dampen it so I can wipe, as if you are buffing the glass.

Step 2: Shammy off the excess

The second step is to use a little shammy, such as the purple one I am using here, to just wipe off the excess.

With only two easy steps, you can see why we love using and endorsing these Norwex microfiber towels. You get fantastic streak free results and there are no chemicals involved.


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