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How Limelight Detailing Cleans Underneath Car Seats

Removing Odors | Interior Auto Detailing

I just want to show you how we clean up all of this mess, it looks like it’s some kind of food or drink under here, but it’s really necessary to get this cleaned up to remove the smell permanently. You can see this is underneath the driver’s seat and this is the air conditioning and heater vent. We’re going to clean up all of this area.

Step 1: Pretreating Interior Auto Carpets

The first thing we want to do is get a pump action sprayer. I have a mixed in solution, you can see some of the products in other video demonstrations that we use so I won’t go over that in this video, but you can see what we do. We’re going to pretreat the whole area so I’m spraying this now. We’re going to get this whole area pretty saturated. You don’t have to completely soak it, but you want to get a nice mist over everything so you can be pretty liberal with it. I’ve got the whole area treated with our pre-treatment, it’s a shampoo but also there’s some additives to get rid of odor.

Step 2: Agitate Auto Carpet with a Carpet Brush

The next thing I’m going to do is get a little carpet brush, and I’m going to just agitate this into the carpet. What this is doing is it’s mixing all of our products, all of our cleaning agents into the carpet fibers. It’s breaking down the odor, it’s also working as a shampoo and actually cleaning the carpet. If I could describe to you what this smells like through a video I would but It’s not great.

Three Main Properties of Interior Auto Cleaning

There’s three main properties of cleaning. This might sound a little nerdy, but basically what those three properties are is:

  1. Chemicals – What chemicals are you using to clean? We use organic chemicals for auto detailing.We try to use products that are safe for you, and also do a good job of cleaning.
  2. Pressure – How much pressure are you using to clean an object or a surface? Sometimes, that’s why the pressure washers are so popular. Why? Because the pressure blows and buffs whatever is in there out.
  3. Heat – So we’ve used our cleaner, we’ve applied some pressure with the brush and then most effectively, and most importantly is heat. This is why we emphasize so much in our videos and in our services that we use steam to sanitize things. It’s one thing to agitate which is what a lot of retailers will do is just extract this out with water or they may vacuum it out. We take it a little step further and use 345 degrees of steam, which is a lot. It’s very, very hot and that’s going to break down anything that’s built up.

Final Step & Why You Should Steam Clean Interior Auto Surfaces

We’ve got everything broken down. My next step would be to extract this out of the carpet. I’m not going to do that in this demonstration, I just want to show you how we break things up in carpet and why steam is so important. It’s sanitizing surfaces, which with everything going on right now, we don’t want people to get sick, so one of the best ways you can help yourself and boost your immune system is to clean and sanitize the surfaces that you’re in constantly, which your vehicle is obviously one of those places.

How To Get Your Carpets Cleaned in Your Auto

Thanks for watching Limelight Detailings quick demonstration of what we do to steam clean and get rid of nasty stuff that’s in your carpet. If you need your car detailed, give us a call. We’d love to do it. (208) 391-3455, or you can book a detail now on our website.

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