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Does Limelight Detailing Offer Ceramic Coatings or Paint Correction Services for Your Auto?

Ceramic Coatings & Paint Correction Services

Hey guys, Brian with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho. Today, I just want to answer a couple questions and share a few thoughts about ceramic coatings and the technology behind it.

Does Limelight Detailing Offer Ceramic Coatings?

At Limelight, ceramic coatings are something that we have decided not to offer as of yet as there is a lot that goes into it. Being a mobile detailer and applying ceramic coatings to boats and RVs is something that’s really difficult to do when you can’t create a perfect environment.

How Weather Affects Ceramic Coatings

When you’re dealing with the weather and exposed to the elements, it can be difficult to apply a ceramic coating. Especially with the huge changes in temperatures in Southern Idaho. I mean, we have extreme colds and extreme heat. It can get down to zero degrees and all the way up to 110 degrees here in Boise.

New Ceramic Coating Technology  

Ceramic coatings are a fairly new technology. It’s been around for about 10 years, and it’s really gained popularity in the last five years or so. Personally, we have just decided to, as a business, not offer it, partially because of the warranties that are behind the product. A lot of manufacturers are only offering two, five, and even seven and 10-year warranties on their product. It’s something that we’ve just decided to wait and see on the technology to see if it’s worth the investment for our customers.

Does Limelight Detailing Offer Paint Correction Services?

We do offer a paint correction service. So if you have any work that needs done before you apply a ceramic coating by maybe another detail shop, or even have it professionally done at a dealership, we can provide the paint correction process such as:

● Polishing
● Minor Scratch Removal
● Prep for Your Vehicle to Ensure Proper Application

Do You Need Paint Correction or Exterior Detailing Services?

If you need some exterior detailing work done, or if you’d like a sealant applied to your paint, that is something that we offer as well. You can check all of that information out on our website, under our exterior detailing page, as well as our classic detail and our Limelight detail. All of those services have exterior components with it and provide information about what we do to service your vehicle on the exterior. Give us a call today, (208) 391-3455. Or you can reach out to us at

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