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How to Remove Water Spots Off of Your Vehicles Windows

Removing Water Spots From Your Vehicles Windows

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Boise, Idaho this morning. And we’re out here on a job trying to get some really tough water spots off of glass. This is something that we run into a lot here in Southern Idaho where you get a lot of mineral buildup. It’s hard to see in the sun here, but I’ll try to get a better angle. You can see it all around here.

Why Does Your Vehicle Get Water Spots in Southern Idaho?

A Lot of times people put their cars out in the driveway or park in the street where they get really hard irrigation water spots. There’s a lot of lime and calcium in the water here in Southern Idaho. So, if people go to wash their vehicles with city water, or they’re using irrigation water, it can really cause some serious buildup. Some other things that cause water spots on glass are the road salts that are put down for snow removal. And when that gets built up onto the glass, it can be really challenging to get it off.

Can You Use Household Cleaners to Remove Water Spots from Your Auto?

A lot of people will try to attempt to use household cleaners and other things to try to get it off. That’s a good thing to get it prepped for removal, but it’s going to be really tough to take these water spots off with just a brush. So there are a couple steps to it, and I just wanted to show you how we do that.

First Step When Removing Tough Water Spots

So the first thing is, I just have a bottle of vinegar right here. This is just straight vinegar. It’s not diluted at all. I prep everything by just spraying the windows down with that. Just show you a quick demo. So all I’m going to do is just brush it. And really all this is doing is just getting the surface clean. It’s definitely not going to remove the water spots, however. So we just get it clean. I’m going to take a fresh towel and wipe it. So as you can tell, that didn’t do anything, right? It didn’t clean anything. The water spots are still there. On this side, you can see where we’ve already done it. This side, we have not polished anything

Removing Water Spots | Product & Process

Now, I’m going to take my buffer, and here’s the product that I’m using. This is Chemical Guys V32 optical grade extreme compound. It’s just a fancy word for compound. This is what we use to take out major swirl marks in cars, but you can also use it as a water spot removal tool on some glass.

1. Apply the product onto a buffing pad.

The pad that I’m using is really aggressive, it’s a lamb’s wool pad. I’m going to blot some onto here, and you don’t have to be super fancy with it.

2. Once the product is applied to the pad turn the speed setting up super high, all the way to six.

3. Now grab your towel and just buff away the compound.

I’ll probably have to go over this one more time to get some of the stubborn spots off. But as you can see, it looks 10 times better.

How to Remove Water Spots From Your Auto's Windows

So, that is how we get water spots off of glass. So if you’ve got some nasty water spots on your paint or on your glass, give us a call today, we’d love to get it done for you. (208) 391-3455, or check us out at

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