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How to Apply Interior Dressing | Mobile Auto Detailing

How to Apply Interior Dressing to Your Mobile Auto

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Details on Applying Interior Dressing to Your Auto

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Boise, Idaho, and today I’m gonna do a quick demonstration of how we apply dressing to the interior of your vehicle. This is included in all of our interior detailing packages as well as our classic detail and our Limelight package.

The purpose of interior dressing is to really provide your vehicle with the best protection against the sun. You might hear that called UV protection. It keeps your dashboard from cracking and fading, also discoloring over time. Especially if you have darker colored vehicle, it can really start to show. And so, we apply this to all of our vehicles, on the door jams, your dashboard, your steering wheel, pretty much anything that can be exposed to the sun, we put this protectant on there.

How to Apply Interior Dressing

the proper way to do it, and I’ve just applied a little bit to an applicator pad, the product that we use is Chemical Guys VRP dressing, we love this product. It applies to vinyl, rubber and plastic, you can use this on the inside or outside of your vehicle, on any of those types of surfaces. So, we just apply a little bit to an applicator pad and really a little bit of this goes a long ways.

You just apply it here and I like to just kinda spread it out evenly over whatever surface I’m working on and just buff it in. And of course anytime you’re applying a dressing, you want to make sure you do it after you’ve completely prepped the surface so it’s nice and clean, you’re not just applying this to a dusty surface ’cause otherwise it’s not gonna look very good. So we just apply it nice and even there, it just provides a nice even coating.

Why Does Limelight Detail Use Chemical Guys VRP Dressing?

What I love about this product is that it’s not greasy and it’s not sticky. So it actually dries to the touch. Very different from like an Armor All or other type of protectant that causes streaking and causes residue to get on your hands or your clothing, you can actually just touch it, it’s completely dry to the touch, doesn’t leave any residue on your hands, that’s why we like this product a lot. It also provides months of protection against the sun, it keeps stuff from cracking and fading.

How to Get Your Auto Interior Dressing

if that’s something that you need to have applied to the inside of your vehicle, select our interior detail, our classic detail, or our Limelight package. Get your car protected. Just give us a call or book online!

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