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How to Apply an Interior Dressing & Why It’s Important | Limelight Detailing

Applying an Interior Dressing | Interior Auto Detailing

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing and I’m out here in Star, Idaho today. And today we’re doing a GMC 1500, and I just wanted to show you a quick demonstration and explain to you what we do on the inside of a vehicle when we’re applying dressing, and why it’s important and really the benefits of dressing. 

Quick Tip for Applying an Interior Dressing

One thing I want to mention is when you apply dressing you want to make this the final step and after everything is cleaned, wiped down and steam cleaned. So we’ve wiped everything down here and steam cleaned, which is really important.  

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Products 

A lot of times people will on their own vehicles just spray some armor all or some cheap product on there. For two reasons you want to avoid that. 

  1. Armour-All or a similar cheap product is terrible and doesn’t protect.  
  2. It’s also going to smear and not last as long if you haven’t actually cleaned it really well.  


Step #1 & What Interior Dressing Products Do We Use? 

This is a pretty common door panel, we’ve got some hard plastic here and then also some rubber material. So the first step is cleaning it really, really nice, getting it nice and prepped to apply the dressing. So two different things that we used when we were applying dressing to any door panel or on the interior of anything. Limelight Detailing uses Chemical Guys VRP and Quick Shot, we also sometimes switch that out for Chemical Guys Black on Black. 

Chemical Guys VRP | Interior Auto Dressing 

I love to use Chemical Guys VRP, which stands for vinyl, rubber and plastic. So this is mostly an interior use product, but you can use it on some parts of the exterior. So what we do is: 

  • Take a couple pumps here and apply it to the applicator pad.  
  • I apply it to one center place, so just build it up a little bit there, get it nice and work it into the pad. 
  • Then just apply it in broad strokes over the entire surface. 

So it looks really good, but the biggest benefit of having dressing is that it keeps it from cracking and fading. It’s basically sunscreen for your plasticvinyl and rubber. This will typically last a couple of weeks. It’s a really nice product.  


Why Does Limelight Detailing Use Chemical Guys VRP? 

What Limelight Detailing loves about this product is it dries to the touch, it’s not oil based. And so when you’re applying dressing on the inside of a vehicle, typically you want to buy a product that is either silicone or water-based on the inside of your vehicle. If you buy oil-based, it’s really going to smear and it will transfer to your clothes and skin a lot of times. So what I love about this product is that it’s dry to the touch, it won’t transfer to your clothes or fingers. 

How to Reach Hard to Reach Areas? | Interior Auto Dressing 

When we are applying the interior auto dressing and we have some hard to reach areas we can switch over to this which is an aerosol dressing. This is called Quick Shot. There’s a lot of them out there but Chemical Guys also makes a great product called Black on Black. You can find a lot of great aerosol dressings, but what I like about aerosol dressing is that it gets in all these hard to reach areas. So you can just do a quick spray here to reach these nooks and crannies. You don’t want to overlap with the application dressing but for hard to reach areas we use the aerosol dressing. 

How to Get an Interior Dressing for Your Auto 

That is just a quick demonstration and a reason why we apply dressing. It looks really good, it also preserves the life of your plastic, vinyl and rubber on the inside of your vehicle. So this is a part of all of our interior detailing services in all of our packages. All the way from our basic interior to our classic detail, mini detail, as well as our full limelight detail, you’ll get a dressing on the interior of your vehicle. So if that’s something you need done, you can book online at or give us a call at 391-3455. 

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