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How to Wax an RV | Exterior RV Detailing

Waxing an RV | What Kind of Wax Does Limelight Detailing Use?

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing. I’m here in Boise, Idaho today, and today we’re detailing a 40 foot travel trailer. And we’re going to be just showing you a quick demonstration of what we do when we wax an RV.

Make Sure Your RV is Clean

A couple of tips for you, whenever you’re detailing an RV, you want to make sure that everything is super clean. Now that might be kind of obvious, but you really want to make sure that:

  • everything’s been pressure washed properly 
  • the surface is clean of any contaminants

So today what I’ve done is pressure wash the whole vehicle, and then we went behind and dried everything properly. So you wanna make sure there’s no water spots or anything on the surface when you go to apply the wax.

What Kind of Wax Does Limelight Detailing Use to Wax an RV?

One of the common questions that we get is what kind of wax do we use? And do we use a spray wax, or do we use an actual carnauba wax or sealant? We’ve chosen to use Chemical Guys’ JetSeal as our primary product for applying to RVs. It lasts for about three to six months. It’s something we recommend applying to your RV once or twice a year, depending on how your vehicle is stored, and then how often you use it and all of that. 

How to Get Hard to Reach Places | Rupes Dual Action Polisher

So for this particular RV, I wanted to show you just how we get into all these hard to reach places. So what I have today is I have a RUPES dual action polisher, this is called their Bigfoot Mini. This is an awesome polisher that I like to use for getting in all these hard places. I have a three inch microfiber backing plate on here, and then the three inch microfiber pad. So this is just a really soft pad that I like to use when applying waxes and sealants. It’s not going to mark any of the gel coat, it’s not going to leave any scratches. 

How to Wax an RV Demonstration

I just wanted to do a quick demonstration of this. I just like to apply a little X marks with a spot amount of wax on there, you don’t need a ton. But I just work it in with my finger and apply it to the entire pad. And then I just keep a little towel handy with me to keep any of the excess stuff and wipe it off.

So I’m going to show you how we apply this.

I normally just like to dab it onto the surface a little bit, and you just want to get a nice even spread. You know, you can do this by hand, but of course, when we’re doing big units like this, we like to use a polisher, it just saves us a lot of time. So what we’re trying to do is just get a nice even coat. On this particular polisher, there’s just a little speed setting here. I’m usually working with a speed setting between one and two when I’m applying the wax. So I’ll just show you how we do that. All right, so not sure if you can see this or not, but whenever you’re applying a wax, you want just a really thin even coat. What I’ve learned about applying waxes is that less is more generally. You shouldn’t be seeing a ton of white buildup, that’s when you know you’ve applied the wax a little bit too thick.

Chemical Guys Jet Seal | Waxing an RV

So we have a nice even coat on here. With Chemical Guys’ JetSeal product, we typically like to have the product dwell for about 30 to 45 minutes to really get it to bond to the surface really well. And once again, that protection lasts about three to six months. It’s an awesome product that we like to use here. So that’s just a quick demonstration of how we wax kind of hard to reach areas of an RV.

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