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How to Clean Dirt from the Interior Vehicle Seats | Interior Auto Detailing

Cleaning Dirt or Paw Prints from Interior Vehicle Seats

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho, and today, I just want to do a quick demonstration, something that we deal with on our interior detail package. A lot of times with pet owners, they get a lot of paw prints and dirt, and other things, as you can imagine on the inside of your car, and all over the seats, and so, today, we’re working on a Ford F-150, and I just wanted to show you a quick demonstration of how we get some paw prints and dirty things off of some seats, so if you want to take a look here, this is what we have. 

Product for Removing Interior Auto Stains & Types of Stains it Removes

It’s not horrible, but we do have a couple of marks. You can see that the dog put some paw prints on here, and so, just a quick product demonstration. Today, we’re using Chemical Guys Invisible Super Cleaner. It’s called Nonsense. This is an awesome product for removing interior stains, so we use this product for really topical surfaces, so if you have these types of seats that are really porous, and it’s a canvas material, it works really well at getting those stains out. It’s also really good for getting stains off the dashboard. Stains such as: 

  • Marker or Crayon from the Kids
  • Cosmetics

Or other blemishes like that on the inside of your car, so just a quick demonstration of how we remove pet stains and other things from canvas material on the inside of your car.

How to Use Invisble Super Cleaner | Nonsense by Chemical Guys

So what I’ve done is, I’ve taken the Invisible Super Cleaner called Nonsense. I’ve diluted it down 10 to one inside of a bottle here, and I’m just gonna spray it really quick and agitate it into the material, into the seat, and then we’ll steam clean it out to get it off of the surface of the car, so if you want to take a look just how we do it, so I’m just going to spray it, and you want to give it a pretty good saturation. You want to make sure that it’s coated evenly on the car or on the surface, rather. So I’ve done just a quick spray on there, and then I’m just going to take, this is just a stiff bristle brush. we use it for the interior of cars.

Why Limelight Detailing Uses Chemical Guys Invisible Super Cleaner

The other thing that I like about this product is that it doesn’t stain and it doesn’t have any odor, so they call it Nonsense because there’s really not any other additives to it. There’s no fragrance. There’s nothing that’s going to, there’s no smells or anything in it, and it’s really safe on pretty much all surfaces in the interior of your car, so I just have my steam cleaner here with an upholstery attachment tool, and I’ve just wrapped a microfiber towel around there to get the top of this clean.

Using Nonsense to Remove Stains & Interior Detailing Process

And there we go, so you can see that the stains, really, they go away pretty quickly, and this one was just, had some dirt on it, so it came up pretty easily, so we’ll do that to the rest of the vehicle, and you’ll just want to make sure that you give it several minutes to dry. You’ll want to give it a quick vacuum ’cause anytime that you spray Nonsense onto fabric, it’s going to exfoliate and bring things to the surface, and so, you do want to make sure that you vacuum it up and get it nice and clean. 

How to Remove Pet Stains from the Interior of a Vehicle | Interior Detailing

So that was a quick demonstration of how we remove pet stains from the inside of your vehicle. That’s included in all of our interior detailing packages, so if that’s something that you need to have done, go ahead and give us a call at 208-391-3455, or check us out online at

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