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What Do You Do Inbetween Washes for an RV | Exterior RV Detailing

Exterior RV Detailing | Keeping Your RV Clean Inbetween Washes

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight detailing in Boise Idaho. And today I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about what we do in between washes on an RV so a lot of questions that we get after we’ve gone through and professionally detailed everything.

What Product Does Limelight Detailing Use to Keep RV's Clean ?

A lot of the RV owners ask us, what do we do in between waxing so one of the best products that you can use and you we can use this on cars, trucks, boats, planes, RVs pretty much any gel coat painted fiberglass, automotive surface. You can use this product called Opti-Rinse, no rinse, wash and shine. 

How to Use Opti-Rinse and Why Limelight Detailing Loves It

What I love about this product is it’s super concentrated, you can add it to a bucket of wash. So you can if you prefer to do it that way you can wash your whole vehicle by using this as like your traditional carwash or you can also put it I like to dilute it into a water bottle. This entire jug with you can make literally hundreds of water bottles full of this stuff. And what I love about it is it’s going not just wash the surface and decontaminate it, but it’s going to do a really good job by leaving a good shine behind. So as you’re going in between washes, instead of having to go through and pressure wash the whole thing again, if you want to just touch up the cup or the surface of your RV, it’s an awesome product to use. 

Keeping the Exterior of Your RV Clean Inbetween Washes

You literally just spray it on here a little bit, work kind of in some in smaller sections, but you know, it would be a little labor intensive to do the whole outside of the RV like this. But if you have just a couple spaces that need to be touched up, you can use this and it’s a great product. Just to get back the shine that it’s gonna it’s gonna enhance the wax that’s already on there and make it look real shiny again, which of course everybody loves. And you just buff it in and it’s like a quick detail spray but also a good cleaner and water Wash. So, anyway, that’s a little bit about what we do in between washes. This is a great product you can pick up when used to wash and wipe things down in between applications.

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