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What Limelight Detailing Does and Does NOT Provide During Wash & Wax Services

Exterior Washing and Wax Service for RV’s in Meridian

Hey, guys. Brian with Limelight Detailing here in Meridian, Idaho. Today, I want to talk to you guys a little bit about our exterior washing and waxing service. And just explain a little bit more about what we do and what we don’t do. There are a lot of different RVs out there, and a lot of different finishes on RVs. One thing that we’re constantly seeing, and that we’re getting a lot of questions about is can you wax my RV, if it’s fiberglass?

What Type of Fiberglass is Used on Early 2000’s RVs?

There’s a lot of different types of fiberglass. In the early 2000s, and then, obviously, everything before then, traditional fiberglass was used on a lot of RV units. Fiberglass was actually applied by spraying layers and layers of fiberglass, and then a gel coat, or a clear coat over the top of that.

What Type of Fiberglass is Used on Newer RV Models?

A lot of newer RVs that were mid-2000s, all the way through current, they’re made with a different product called, filon. What filon is, is a very thin one-stage application that goes over your vehicle’s products, so you get more of a glossy finish. The problem with filon that a lot of people have run into, and a lot of manufacturers are aware of, is that they tend to oxidize and fade very, very, very quickly.

Limelight Detailing No Longer Offers Oxidation Removal Services

Today, I wanted to show you an example of something that we’re no longer offering, and that’s oxidation removal services. It’s something that we did see a lot of early on in our business, but we’ve decided to move away from it because filon has had a lot of negative feedback. The reason being, that it does not wear very well. It tends to oxidize very quickly.

How Can I Tell If My RV is Oxidized?

I wanted to show you an example of a 2016 RV that has been finished with filon, and how it’s already starting to oxidize.A question that we get asked is, how can I tell if my RV is oxidized? A very quick way to tell is if you simply put your hands on your RV, you can see finger marks, and it’s not just dust. 

If you can see, I’m rubbing the surface of this. You see hand prints, and it stays there. Then you also have some transfer onto your fingers. You can see my fingers are chalky. It’s a pretty good indication that your RV is starting to oxidize a little bit.

Protective Wax & Sealant Applications for RV’s

We’ve transitioned, as a company, into doing more one-staged wax and sealant applications on painted RVs, so a lot of your Class A motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailers that are painted, we put wax on, but we have moved away from oxidation removal.

What Can Limelight Detailing Do for Oxidized RVs?

One question that we’ll ask you, when you’re booking your appointment, or one thing to keep in mind is, does your vehicle have oxidation? If you have an RV like this or a bumper pull trailer, fifth wheel that’s starting to oxidize, or if it is oxidized like this, unfortunately, all we can do is wash that for you. A lot of times, we can clean it up really well, and the milky residue gets removed. But just understand that it’s not going to be providing much protection. We’re just going to be removing it.

How to Get Your Paint & Fiberglass RVs Protected

But anyway, just a quick explanation of what filon is, what oxidation is, and what we do and don’t do at Limelight. If you need your RV washed, or if you need wax for a newer RV that hasn’t started to oxidize yet, or a painted RV, we would love to apply wax for you, and get it protected for a long time. Give us a call today at, (208) 391-3455, or check us out at

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