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Updated COVID-19 Interior Sanitation Package

Bringing Back the Covid-19 Interior Sanitation Package

Hey guys, Brian with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho. I want to talk to you about our COVID-19 sanitation package that we have updated and are now offering again. It’s a service that we offered at the beginning of 2020 & the COVID pandemic. We want to roll this service out again. We’ve been asked several times if it’s still a service that we’re offering so I just wanted to go over what we do.

This is NOT a Cure! Just Great Cleaning.

First and foremost, I just want to be upfront and say that we are not offering the cure to COVID. We don’t have that. We’re just really good at cleaning the interior of your vehicle. With our sanitation package, essentially what it is, is it’s the same service as our interior detail. If you look at that on our services page, you can see what that all entails.

Interior Detailing | Covid-19 Interior Sanitation

Essentially we’re:

  • Steam clean all of the interior surfaces.
  • Clean all interior surfaces with our “On Guard” concentrate cleaner by doTERRA. We have other videos you may have seen where we mention what this product is and how great it is at cleaning viruses and bacteria.
  • Steam clean all of the interior vents in your vehicle.
  • Shampoo the interior auto carpets.

Basically, everywhere that the car is touched on the interior, we’re going to clean and sanitize that for you.

Ozone Treatment Inclusion | How it Kills Bacteria

It’s the same package as our interior detail with the inclusion of our ozone treatment, ozone is really important. It’s the process that we use to kill any bacteria that’s in the air. Bacteria that gets trapped in:

  • Your duct work, such as your air conditioning unit or heater core.
  • Ventilation system.

Ozone gets down into the areas that you can’t spray or steam clean. It kills bacteria in the air by taking away all the oxygen in the air. So what that does is it creates an environment where nothing can grow anymore. What it does is:

  • Sucks the oxygen out of the air.
  • Kills bacteria on contact.
  • Provides your car with a wonderful smell.
  • Neutralizes everything.

Costs for Covid-19 Interior Sanitation Package

So that is our, it’s kind of a two-step process by sanitizing the inside and then running the ozone. And so we’re offering that as a special at $199 for any vehicle. So it doesn’t matter, small, medium, or large, it’ll be the same price for all of them.

Do You Need Your Vehicle Sanitized?

If this is  something you need done, give us a call at 208-391-3455. We’d love to do it. We will:

  • Clean the inside.
  • Run the ozone machine.
  • Make it nice and fresh for you.

Have a great day!

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