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How to Remove Stickers from the Exterior of an RV

Removing Stickers from a Paint Surface

Hey guys, Brian with Limelight Detailing in Star, Idaho today. I want to show you how we remove stickers from the outside of an RV, and this would be the same process if you were working on a car or a truck, really any painted surface that has stickers on it.

Steam Clean vs. Automotive Products

This particular RV that we’re working on is a dealership decal that was put on. So, this particular customer wants these removed. It’s really easy to do. I’m using a steam cleaner, which you’ve seen in a lot of our other demonstrations, we use steam for a lot of different things, particularly with removing stickers.

In my opinion, heat is the best way to do that. A lot of guys will use products such as Goo Gone, or there are also other automotive products that you can use. I personally stay away from those only because I don’t like to corrode the paint, and there are a lot of harsh chemicals and products and stuff in that that can ruin your paint.

What to Do if You Don’t Have a Steam Cleaner

If you don’t have a steam cleaner, there are some home remedies, some different things you can try to get those off such as a hairdryer or a heat gun, if you have one of those. It just takes some more time to get done, so we use a steam cleaner which heats up to 345 degrees.

What Not to Use When Removing Stickers from a Paint Surface

What we’re trying to do is melt the adhesive that’s underneath the sticker. We see some guys who will use razor blades or other different things to pick at it, you don’t want to do that because we don’t want to mess up a beautiful finish such as this that’s on this Winnebago RV.

Process for Removing Stickers from the Exterior of an RV

What we’re going to do is:

  1. On our steam cleaner, I’m going to put a microfiber towel over the top of it. Really all I’m doing with that is I’m trying to keep this hard bristle brush from scraping your paint. So, I put a microfiber towel to create a barrier there.
  2. Then I’m going to go right up to the sticker and try to melt the adhesive away. As you can see, once you’ve heated up that adhesive, the sticker comes off pretty easily. The biggest thing you want to do is use real abrasive products or hard bristle brushes. Obviously, you don’t want to scrape the paint, so, to get rid of stickers, use some heat. It’ll help you out.
  3. Use a quick lubricant or quick detail spray to get the surface clean again before you go ahead and wax & polish.

Do You Need Stickers Removed from the Exterior of Your Vehicle?

If you need the outside of your RV cleaned up, or you have stickers on your car, truck, boat, SUV, whatever, we would love to take that off for you. We can help out. There is an additional charge for it, and you won’t see that on any of our packages. But when you go to book your appointment just mention that online or give us a call if you have any questions, we’d love to help out. (208) 391-3455

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