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Cleaning WeatherTech Floor Mats

Is WeatherTech Worth the Investment?

Hey, Brian with Limelight Detailing here in Nampa, Idaho. Today I wanted to talk to you about WeatherTech floor mats. We get a lot of questions about them and whether or not they’re worth the investment. Usually they’re going to be anywhere from $3 to $500. What’s so great about them is that they’re laser cut to the exact dimensions of your vehicle so they cover all those really hard to reach places. The amount of space that they take up is awesome, they cover every little nook and cranny, and really protect your carpet and floor. Whenever we’re detailing, we love to see WeatherTech floor mats. They definitely preserve the life of your carpet and all of the surrounding area on the floor. They do a great job. If you’re looking, they’re totally worth it.

How Do You Clean WeatherTech Floor Mats?

As far as keeping them clean, what do you want to do? The easiest way for us to clean them is to pressure wash them. This particular one, we pressure washed it, we scrubbed a little bit. They can get pretty discolored as dirt and shoes are constantly on them. But all I do is take a little applicator pad and spray a silicone-based dressing on them.

Applying Dressing to WeatherTech Floor Mats

There’s all kinds of different brands out there, but if you use a silicone-based dressing or a water-based dressing, it’s going to bring back the color of the mats really well. More importantly, it’s not oil-based, so it’s not going to make the mats slippery. The last thing that you want, when you’re driving your car around, is slippery floor mats and pedals. 

This particular dressing is a silicone-based dressing, like I said, you can use a water-based dressing as well. I particularly just like silicone-based, I think that it lasts longer, it also does a better job of protecting it from the sun, it has some UV inhibitors in there. It keeps things from cracking and fading. I just apply a nice even coat to it and spread it on. It leaves a beautiful color, making them look new again. You’re not going to slip and fall on these things and it makes them look really nice.

Does Limelight Detailing Recommend WeatherTech?

WeatherTech floor mats are definitely worth the investment. That’s how you dress them, make them look nice and pretty again for your car. If you need the inside of your car done, or if you have floor mats that need cleaned up, give us a call today 208-391-3455 or book an appointment now.

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