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Exterior RV Detailing | Before and After Sheet Metal Trim

Exterior RV Detailing in Meridian, Idaho

Hey guys. Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho. It’s a windy day today, but we are doing an RV detail and I just wanted to show you some before and after detailing the sheet metal, the trim on this Keystone fifth wheel we’re working on today. The sheet metal can get faded from:

  • Salty Roads
  • Lots of Water Spots
  • Storage
  • Traveling Over the Road

Example of Grime Build Up On An RV

This is an example of one of the parts that we’ve already finished and then I want to show you the back of the RV. You can see on this panel we’ve got some white residue from road salts and grime. This is really common especially with RV travel trailers and fifth wheels, they have this sheet metal along the bottom. Sometimes it’s plastic on less expensive models, but in this example it’s like a ribbed sheet metal material.

Meguiar’s All Season Dressing | Exterior RV Detail

You can see we’ve already washed it, but I’m running my fingers on here and you can see there’s still a lot of this white residue, it’s pretty nasty. Anyway we’ve cleaned it up a little bit, but what we’re going to do is really clean it and make it look good, if we put some All Season Dressing over the top of it, I’m using Meguiar’s All Season Dressing. It’s a great product for:

  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Plastics
  • In This Case Sheet Metal

On the exterior of vehicles as well as RVs.

Process for Exterior RV Sheet Metal Detail

Step 1: I’m going to spray a little bit on here. You can already see it starts to look a lot better.

Step 2: Then you simply buff it in and I think if I’ve learned anything about applying dressing to this type of material, you really want to work it in. Get it spread nice and evenly.

Quick Tip: Don’t work too quickly, but just buff it in and as much as you can stay in one direction, like side-to-side or up and down, try to do that. It helps and it’s a lot easier.

Step 3: Then I’m going to take a clean microfiber towel and wipe it in, just to evenly coat it.

Another place you can apply it, kind of a little trick too is use a clean microfiber and just wipe it along these rubber seals up here. In another video I can show you we clean a lot of these areas here, in the corners. These can get pretty dirty as well on RVs.

How to Get Your Exterior RV Sheet Metal Cleaned

Anyway that’s a quick demonstration of what we do to clean up sheet metal on the exterior of your RV. It’s really important to keep it clean. Not only does it look way better, but it keeps it from turning into  a white chalky oxidized look that a lot of RVs, especially those sitting in the sun. If you want All Season Dressing applied to your RV you can give us a call. We’d love to service it for you. It’s starting to warm up outside, so we’re taking a lot of RV calls. Feel free to give us a call at 208-391-3455.

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