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How to Decontaminate the Exterior of Your Vehicle? | Limelight Detailing

Exterior Detailing | Decontaminating Your Vehicle

Hey guys Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho. And today I just wanted to show you a quick demonstration of what we do as part of our decontamination process on the outside of your vehicle. So after we’ve initially rinsed the vehicle and you can kind of look at this, we’re working on a Chevy Silverado today. And all we’ve done so far is just initially pressure wash the vehicle. So we’re just trying to get all the initial dust and debris off the outside of the vehicle. 

Step 2: Using Adam Polishes Iron Remover

And then the second step in our decontamination process is to use a product similar to this. We have Adam’s Polishes Iron Remover right here. This is an awesome product used to get if you have like some water spots on the outside of your vehicle. 

Why Limelight Has a Decontamination Process?

If you have other mineral buildup and other things like you’ll see like white calcium deposits and other things. Especially here in Idaho, when you have all this stuff from the highway, getting kicked up onto the vehicle’s paint, it can really start to get rough and you can start to physically see it sometimes. And then other times you can just run your hand along it and you can feel how rough your paint is.

First Step Prior to Clay Bar & Wax Application 

So this is the first step in cleaning your paint prior to doing a clay bar application and applying a ceiling wax. This is a very important step. So all I’ve done is just simply take this and put it in here. I usually dilute it down about two to one. So half part water, half part chemical. So all you’re gonna do and you can be pretty liberal with it but you just kinda wanna mist it onto the vehicle. And it is okay to put it on the glass as well, totally safe for glass. As a matter of fact, it’s a really good way to get some of the rough spots off of your glass. So you can see, you just try to apply it as even as possible. Another way to apply this is to use a pump sprayer. I just don’t have that today but you can use it just by misting it on like this.

Letting Application Sit | 2 Minute Wait Time

All right, so we have a nice even coat on this entire panel right here. And all I’m gonna do is sit there and let it, we’re gonna just let it sit for about two minutes. You don’t want this to dry on your vehicle. If it’s especially hot outside you wanna be really sure not to just let it sit there ’cause it will build up and can actually be kind of a pain to wash it off. So after about two minutes, you’re gonna let it sit, and then you’re gonna rinse that off with a pressure washer. And then you can watch some of our other videos. 

Clay Bar & Wax Application

The next step after this would be too after you’ve rinsed it off, you would clay it and then wash the vehicle and then you would clay it as a final step prior to drying it off and applying a ceiling wax.

How to Get Your Vehicle Decontaminated 

So that’s just a quick demonstration of what we do when we’re decontaminating your paint and getting it nice and clean before we wax and polish your vehicle. If you need your vehicle detailed give us a call at 391-3455. Or you can check out our website at

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