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How to Remove Bugs from the Front of Your RV

Removing Bugs from the Front of a Tiffin RV

Hey, Brian with Limelight Detailing here in Boise, Idaho. Today we will show you how we get bugs off the front of an RV. We’re working on an awesome Tiffin RV that just returned from a long road trip to Wyoming with all kinds of bugs and other debris on the front of the rig. So one of the questions we constantly get is, how do you get that stuff off? So, I will show you the product we use and the method to remove it.

Product We Use: Bug Off

We use a product called “Bug Off” that we buy from a local Boise, Idaho company called “MVP Distributing.” They’re a fantastic company. They also sell directly to the public, so you won’t need the entire five-gallon jug we use; they can sell you in much smaller quantities.

How to Use Bug Off

We take the Bug Off product directly from the container and put it in a spray bottle. What I love about this product is it’s water-based. So it’s not highly acidic, which means it will not ruin your paint and is safe on the front of windshields, also directly onto painted surfaces. So you only want to ensure you’re not leaving it on the surface for too long. A minute or two is all you need.

Step 1: Pre-rinse the RV

What I did first was pre-rinsed the front of the rig. By pre-rinsing it, you’re allowing everything to get softened up a little bit, and then we’ll spray the product directly on the RV.

Step 2: Applying Bug Off to the RV

So for today’s demonstration, I will shoot it directly onto the windshield. This particular RV has a diamond shield on the front, which is standard for most Tiffin RVs. You’ll see it on a lot of other brands as well. But I’m spraying the Bug Off product right on and letting that set for a second. You don’t want to let it set too long.

Step 3: Use a Brush to Scrape the Debris

Next, I’m going to use a brush; you can buy the brush from MVP Distributing, too, as well as some other auto parts stores. The brush bristles are soft but feel stiff, but what’s fantastic is they won’t scratch the paint on your vehicle. So the first time I used one, I thought it would put scratches on the car, but they’re safe on windshields and painted surfaces. But all I’m going to do is scrape to see if we can remove the bugs. If you have someone working with you, keeping the surface as wet as possible is nice because the Bug Off does dry fairly quickly. Once you’re done scraping, rinse the surface off.


Bug Off makes removing bugs and other debris from your RV much more effortless. Over the years, we’ve tried a million different things, and this has been the best product we’ve ever used. So spray it on, agitate it, and rinse it right off. The bugs come right off. It’s a great product.

How to Contact Limelight Detailing

If you need your RV washed or have bugs on the front of your RV needing to be removed, call us at 208-391-3455 or book an appointment.

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