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How to Remove Stains from Interior Door Panels | Mobile Auto Detailing

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How to Remove Stains from Interior Door Panels

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Details on Removing Stains from Interior Door Panels

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Meridian, Idaho. And today I’m going to do a quick demonstration about how we remove stains on the inside of your door panels.

This is something that we constantly deal with when we’re cleaning the inside of a car, especially on a light interior, like this Honda CRV that we’re working on today. This is kind of a tan or beige interior, and this is kind of an odd type of material. It’s like a suede, it’s like a synthetic suede, it’s the closest that I can come to guessing the type of material. It’s not real leather, and it’s not fabric. It’s really like a suede. And so cleaning this can be a little bit of a challenge if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What Product Do We Use & How Does it Work?

So what we do in order to get these stains out, and as you can see the rest of the car is actually really clean. But you know, when you’re getting out of your car, in and out of your car, this area right here, it can get really dirty. So what we use is Chemical Guys Lightning Stain, Lightning Fast Stain Extractor, and we have it mixed in to our steam cleaning solution. And as we clean this, we have some chemical that is blowing out into the steam. And so it’s kind of diluting it and mixing it together as we’re steam cleaning to extract this. 

So one thing, a quick tip, whenever you’re cleaning suede, or any special material like leather, or any type of nice fabric like that, you wanna be sure not to use too much moisture, cause you can really damage the fabric, and you can bring some discoloration and it can make it look really bad.

How Limelight Removes Stains from the Interior Door Panel

So how we clean it is, we just take the upholstery tool of our steam cleaner and we wrap just a microfiber towel. Make sure you use a clean one, obviously. Wrap it around the top here. And we’re just gonna use some heat to clean this up. So once again, we’re really just trying to use as little moisture as possible, to get this dirt off of this. Alright. And so it’ll take a little bit of time for that to dry up a little bit, but really that’s the best way to clean it, is just using a little bit of the chemical. We use, like if you’re using just a spray bottle and an agitator brush, and you don’t have the option of a steam cleaner, you can dilute the Chemical Guys Stain Extractor about ten to one, into a water bottle. Spray it onto there and agitate it. And then a lot of times you can just blot it off as well. However, a steam cleaner is gonna be the best way to clean it.

How to Get Stains Removed from Your Door Panels

So if you have some odd upholstery as a cleaning that you need to have done on the inside of your car, you can give us a call at 208-391-3455, or book now. Thanks a lot!

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