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How to Apply Soap to an RV with a Foam Cannon in Star, Idaho

Exterior RV Detail for a Momentum G-Class Toy Hauler in Star, Idaho

Hey guys, Brian here with Limelight Detailing in Star, Idaho. Today, we are working on a 30-foot Momentum G-Class Toy Hauler, and I am doing a demonstration on how we apply soap to an RV using a foam cannon.

Step 1: Pre Rinse Your RV to Remove Initial Debris

As you can see in the video here, all I’ve done is given it a good pre rinse. I’m just trying to get the initial bugs and dirt off before we apply some soap. I wanted to show you here on our pressure washer system. I use a pretty good commercial application here. A lot of people obviously don’t have this setup, especially if you’re using this at home. But if you’re a professional detailer, this is a really nice setup. We basically just have a bypass valve, where we pull water from this tank, goes through our filter, and then feeds right into our pressure washer, which then obviously in turn feeds our foam cannon.

What PSI Should I Have My Pressure Washer On for a Foam Cannon?

A lot of people ask, “What PSI should they be using a foam cannon at?” That’s a good question. A general rule of thumb, I never have my pressure washer dialed in above 2000 PSI. There’s really just no reason for it. Then again, you don’t want to have it too low. You don’t need to be afraid to set it high enough to spray suds, but obviously you don’t want to have it too high, because you’ll start breaking O rings and things like that.

Foam Cannon Costs, Settings, and Application

This is a good foam cannon you can pick up off Amazon, I paid $30 for it. What I like about it is that you have the ability to adjust the amount of suds that come out. That’s the little adjustment nozzle. And then the red portion of the nozzle is to adjust your pattern. You’ll see the pattern in my demonstration here, but it’s usually 18 to 24 inches of a pattern. I like to put it on pretty thick. Whenever you’re using a foam cannon, when it’s all said and done and it’s sitting on the surface, it should kind of look like shaving cream almost. I like it to be really thick so you know you have some time to work with it before it dries out on the surface.

What’s the Soap to Water Ratio I Should Use for My Foam Cannon?

Another question is, “How much soap to water? What’s the ratio that I like to use in my pressure washer?” So this is the product that I use. Shout out to our guys at MVP Distributing in Boise, Idaho. They have great products over there, whether you’re a professional detailer or your buying products for your personal rigs. But I’m using a vehicle wash concentrate. This is really, really thick stuff. It’s very concentrated. But for most people, as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want a three to one ratio. Three parts water, and one part soap is going to be more than enough to make a nice thick application.

How to Use a Foam Cannon to Apply Soap to an RV

I’ve got the foam cannon filled up. This is like I said, about three to one in my foam cannon, and I’m going to do a quick demonstration of what it looks like to put soap on an RV. We’re going to turn this on and spray. Like I said, I’m not afraid to put it on pretty thick. I want it totally covered. Today is a perfect day outside to be doing this. It’s about 60 degrees. I’m not worried about the soap drying on the surface. If it’s a hotter day outside, you obviously have to work a little bit quicker, but this is just an awesome day to be doing this.

After Soap Has Been Applied to Your RV

Once you’re done, I usually work one side at a time before I start brushing. So I’ll brush this side and then work my way around. After you’ve applied the soap to your RV, that’s about what it should look like. It should look like shaving cream, nice and covered. Once we’ve hit every surface we’ll get it dried off, rinsed off, and it’ll be ready for wax.

How to Get Your RV Washed and Waxed in Boise, Idaho

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